SET: February Minutes

Feb Minutes


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SET: January Minutes

Jan Minutes


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SET: December Minutes

Dec Minutes

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SET: November Minutes

Nov Minutes

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VEDP Presentation

VEDP presentation

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Workforce Gap Study

Fletcher Mangum Presentation

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Welcome to the online hub for Southern Virginia’s Creative Economy strategy.

We know this region is a special place, and we’re aligning our natural, historic, and economic assets to tell our story. It’s a story that crosses county lines and brings together entrepreneurs and business leaders, local governments, civic groups and residents. Now we’re looking at the Creative Economy as part of a comprehensive regional assessment, Stronger Economies Together (SET) .

It’s a story of the future, and here’s how you can help write it. 

  1. Catch up on the conversation and learn more about our strategy.
  2. Explore the map for the assets we’ve identified.
  3. Look around your community for what’s missing from the list and map.
  4. Add your assets to the map.
  5. Attend the next regional SET meeting, or set up your own local conversation.




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